Cut the grade of the footballer after turning over a comeback, slashing Brighton 2-1

It is another game in which the rear panel needs to be improved a little while in the first attacking game, it is considered completely extinguished. But when he began to have a lot of opportunities to invade He is still a team with an attacking game and a resolute goal scorer.

Dean Henderson 6/10

Overall this Shin Do all work well Although some strokes will show some distraction and the rhythm of losing the door Referred to trying to save the ball with all his might. But still being followed by repeatedly 

Aaron Wan-Bissaka 6/10

The timing of losing the goal Referred to the mistake that allows Welbeck to insert from the back. And can go in and score goals, but on defensive games throughout the game play very well Only lost the moment that the goal was lost. 

Victor Lindelöf 6/10

The team’s goal is lost. Caused by the person who did not jump high enough Until causing the ball to cross the head and go into the head of the The striker on the opposite side is considered There may be the wrong part. But made excuses by keeping the defensive game in line And support the back panel not to be added 

Harry Maguire 6.5 / 10.

Heart in the defensive game of the team that even today can lose concentration But with the diligence of the person Help fill up the game to create the game attack often. And even if you can’t score goals or assists But it helps a lot of pressure on competitors 

Luke Shaw 6/10

After going to a farm with the England national team This football continued to show good form. But even today may not be useful in the game. But the defensive game on the left side is considered to help the team a lot 

Fred 6.5 / 10

If you look closely, you will know that the “Red Devils” midfield game in this game is clearly inferior to Brighton, but the important thing is The benefit of this shin is chasing and defending. Which this Shin Jump together very well in this game. And also helps try to create a rhythm for the attacking game as well

Paul Pogba 6.5 / 10

The form of this footballer is still good, good days and nights. Today, it can still help make the team 1 assist and lead the team to win success. But there are stories that cannot be denied that Referred to use a little wasted opportunity in this game

Mason Greenwood 7.5 / 10

The form when playing on the right winger may seem a little dreary at first, but when you start to find some rhythm for yourself. Began to leverage the form to be able to come out Until being arrested and returned to play in front of the target The truth shows how much better he is than Cavani in this game and has scored one goal.

Bruno Fernand’s 6.5 / 10

Even today in the Play Maker will quietly disappear to all but the poison remains Mondial West Ranch Ford to beat the rival goal. And can be a turning point for the team 

Marcus Rashford 7/10

Even though I just recovered from pain And not yet complete in a hundred But with a fighting heart Want to help the team, then came on the field and beat 1 goal in this game. And is an important goal that makes the game return to the home team And finally win the victory 

Edinson Cavani 5.5 / 10

Many “Red Devils” fans might think like the author, is this time out for this shin? Today, clearly devoid of offensive roles, was completely silent and completely disappeared from the game. Until finally being removed