Paul Scholes, the demon god of the 90s

Among British football fans There was always some debate in the golden age when their national team was full of world-class midfielders. And of course, at present still cannot find someone to replace In an era when England had Gerard, Lampard, Scholes, many people had questions about how to organize these three players to maximize their performance? And do you believe that This question once reached the ears of great coach Sir Alex Ferguson, and of course, Fergie gave a short answer, “Play any plan with Paul Scholes”. already Do you think the former Big Boss Red Devils favor the former team?

Do not answer just … keep the answer in mind. If you haven’t finished reading this article

In 2001, Sven Goran Eriksson took over the England national team, then 26-year-old Paul Scholes was in top form. Paul Scholes played on the left wing. Which, although Ferguson had previously used Scholes to play on the left wing But that was not his preferred position. And not a position that suits his abilities

Paul Scholes once spoke of his frustrations playing for the England national team. There are some players who are selfish. Only need for the interests of playing at the national level. Think more about yourself than the team And do everything to get yourself to move to a big club. These things made him reflect for a while before announcing his farewell to the national team. Which is the most unfortunate thing That one very talented player, since Paul Gascoins quit playing for the national level at the age of only 29 because he did not show his full talent.

Comes in the era of Steve McLaren and Fabio Capello during the England team Both of them had convinced Scholes to return to the national team while in charge. But it was unsuccessful. Scholes decided to play only one team for Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United until he retired at the age of 37, but it is not surprising. Because his home was only 30 minutes close to Old Trafford, he only competed there.

Among the players from Manchester United’s Class of 92 training center Paul Scholes was the last to make his first-team debut at the age of 19, his first game at Manchester. Ter United defeated Port Vale with a 2-1 score in the League Cup in September 1994, and his first goal came three days later in a 3-2 loss to Ipswich. At Portman Road

Sir Alex Ferguson noticed his technical abilities as a child.Scholes was a quiet and shy kid, but on the pitch he stood out from the rest. He uses a soccer ball as a means of communicating every time he scores a goal.Fergie admits more flexibly than he used to insult Paul for being too small to play for the first team during the Tesslo season. Fergie told Assistant Coach Jimmy Rai that “Paul will not be promoted to the first team”. The words turned into a hilarious narrative as Scholes showed a talent that was just 5ft 7in taller than herself.

Although Paul Scholes has played well from the start of the game. But to hold on to the real position I had to wait until the 1995/96 season because it was Mark Hughes moved to Chelsea and Eric Cantona was banned for 9 months due to the kung fu kick on Crystal Palace fans. And in the first two months, Paul had 14 goals from all competitions. This makes Manchester United the first English team to win the Premier League and FA Cup in the same season. It was the second time and later the following season Scholes and Manchester United were easily crowned Premier League champions. With a score that leads away 2nd place like Newcastle Multi range

Paul Scholes has proven to be a problem with height not related to football. But with the style of playing in the Premier League in that era Made him unable to be a striker In a short time later Scholes was classified as a player in the midfield. And that became his position as he retired after Roy Keane sustained an injury to his posterior cruciate ligament in a clash with Alf Ingke-Haland in the lead draw. 1-1 in September 1997, forcing Scholes to back down to play low in place of Roy Keane to fill a large gap missing.

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The lack of key players like Roy Keane has clearly become a huge problem. From leading the crowd to 11 games, it turned out to be a mistake for Arsenal. And not any big cup Put your hands on it after the season. This is the second season in the 90s when they had such a failed season. But their failure became the impetus for them to explode in the following season, with Scholes playing a huge role.

For the 1998/99 season, Paul Scholes took on the role of a full-fledged midfielder. Of all 51 games he scored 11 goals, helping Manchester United to win the Triple Trophy by scoring a number of memorable goals. He was the man who scored the winning goal for Manchester United to win a 2-0 victory over Newcastle United in the FA Cup final with a shot from outside the box for the first time. With non-dominant feet Once again, the most memorable is a game in the Champions League. The shot penetrated through Inter Milan and he was heavily involved in keeping the Juventus zebra in the semi-finals.

But unfortunately The best season of his life missed out on the Champions League final, as did their captain, Roy Keane. Because they both received a yellow card for the full quota “Not a superstar, not blessing himself, he is the most incredible player that any human can be,” is Keane’s quote of Scholes. One person who was born lives in the local area of ​​the club Came to the club as a child Having been successful at Old Trafford after 20 seasons, his very far-fetched dream has come true since he played for Manchester United in The 90s in which the triple champion was the only two teams in the history of the United Kingdom. They are the second Celtic team ever to have achieved in the 1966/67 season.

On the Manchester United training ground, Paul Scholes is nicknamed “Sat Nav” due to his flawless footing in the ball. He was able to throw the ball across his friend over 40 yards, quickly and accurately, Scholes announced his retirement after 30 minutes in a 3-2 win over Manchester City. In the FA Cup third round of 2012, in that game he made 71 passes with a 97% pass success rate, a fantastic record for a 37-year-old.