The shin’s unforgiving social media mistake is said to be today.

The clubs Including football players use social media to reach fans. Of them regularly But not everyone does it properly. Because there are not a few that make mistakes until they are mentioned today  Footballers have faced numerous social media errors over the years. Industry stars around the world use platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. To interact with fans Regularly Can see them reaching millions of people Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo leads the way with over 500 million followers across all platforms. However The large number of followers also means more people to see when footballers make mistakes in their accounts. We’ll take a look at the timeline with some of the most memorable mistakes of the famous footballers. The former Liverpool winger was the first to make a major mistake on social media 10 years ago after losing to his perennial opponent Manchester United 1-0 in January 2011, stopping his course in the A-Cup. FA Cup held just the third round, Ryan Babel looks very upset with referee Howard Webb in this game. After handing out a penalty for the Red Devils from the second minute, he also took out a red card to chase captain Steven Gerrard out of the field, with Webb being the most criticized by Premier League fans. one Some people think that he likes to judge the Red Devils. After the game The Dutch wing had fun taking a picture of Webb. Edited to put on the Manchester United series, published on the online world. And also commented in the text that“Whoever called him one of the best judges. But I think it’s funny. ” As a result, he was fined £ 10,000.The former England No. 1 star may be sitting on the sidelines this season. But a misunderstanding in the Europa League left him humiliated. The 33-year-old goalkeeper was on the bench for the last-16 game Spurs against Dinamo Zagreb  in March. It was a disastrous end, with Jose Mourinho’s side, who had a 2-0 win over the first leg, had to be beaten by a 3-2 sum, even on the pitch. But Hart’s Instagram post at the end of the time saying After receiving the hot feedback from fans, Spurs Heart had to come out to describe it and claim it was “the job done”. ‘Typing error’

  Footballers’ enormous wages mean they can buy good toys, but the former Aston Villa  star has chosen the wrong time to show-off (no), the 38-year-old defender who recently defeated Liverpool 6-0 in the day. Valentines 2016, but 15 minutes after the end of time, a picture of a £ 120,000 Mercedes-Benz appeared on Lescott’s Twitter page. After a while, he claimed that his phone rang while driving. “I did not upload the image after the game. But I want to apologize for the performance today. Both private and public The tweet that came out was a coincidence. It happened when I was driving and my phone was in my pocket. .. Until it has led to mixed reactions from fans.