West Ham United from team escaping relegation to European football quota: the Giants wake from their sleep? Or just sleepwalk?

Of course, no one would believe it!

If before the 2020/2021 Premier League season we say West Ham United will perform superbly. And is a competing team for the European football area with the top regular Premier League teams Because if you look back at the work of the Hammer fighters from the past season They were ranked 16th in the table, having only 39 points, five points above the relegation zone.

But… this season, David Moyes’ West Ham United can show great form. Even though last Sunday night Hammer fighters would have recently defeated Manchester. United, who opened the nest with a 1-0 score, where the game looks somewhat behind the home team But David Moyes’ teammates were excellent throughout the game. The door they lost was due to a personal mistake. It is an own goal of the team defender Craig Dawson.

All in all, the Premier League arrives in mid-March 2021, with West Ham still ranked fifth in the Premier League table with 27 points in the last 14 matches, with seven teams from the top zone of the table, something beyond expectations. Strongly mean What was the turning point for teams who escaped from relegation last season to teams winning European football quota tickets !?

1. Do not lose points easily to teams of the same level.

One of the things that Hammer Parties did better from the past seasons is that they don’t easily lose their points. For a team that is not a top 6 team like last season They have just lost 8 matches in the Premier League this season. After 28 games, eight of them were just one match against non-top 6 teams, but compared to the previous season in one time, they lost 15 after 28 by them. He lost 6 to nine non-top teams together.

As a result of the above results we quoted, between 8 of the 19 games West Ham lost in 2019/20 and the eight they lost in 2020/21, we can see that. This season, there are only 1 out of 8 matches that they He lost to the non-top six in the league, Newcastle United, who currently ranks 17th, but looking back at the 2019/2020 season, the Hammersmith. Lost to 11 non-top six teams in the league over the course of the season.

2. Scary attacking line – a reliable defensive game

28 appearances, scored 42 goals, conceded 32 goals – a bad number compared to some of the Premier League’s top teams this season, West Ham has scored the league’s eighth-most goals, with them scoring more than R. Senal team joined London. And when it comes to defensive games They conceded the sixth lowest goals in the league with Leicester City and Manchester United.

Comparison statistics Attacking game – West Ham United defensive game in the 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 seasons.

Attacking game

When the last season, the team. The Hammers had 417 goals scored, hitting 163 times, able to turn 49 goals over the course of the season, with four coming from penalty kicks.

But this season They have a total of 332 goals shedding 119 times, able to turn 42 goals from just one penalty, and there are still 10 games left in hand. By comparison, we will See that The Hammers this season had significantly sharper and more accurate finishes than last season.

Defensive game

When looking at the defensive game of that team This season they have conceded only 32 goals, almost twice as many fewer than last season at 62 goals and managed to keep three more clean sheets with 10 remaining games remaining. The defending game has been very strong from the previous season

3. New transfer players show excellent performance

Last summer, West Ham signed a permanent deal with Tomas Suezek, where they were on loan from Slavia Prague last season. Joining the team for £ 19 million, the 192-centimeter-tall midfielder has performed well, with 28 appearances in the league, scoring eight goals as the team’s scorer.

Another player who has been able to show great form is Manchester United midfielder Jesse Lingard, who had just moved into the market this winter on loan until the end of the season. He showed excellent performance from his first match with two goals, leading the team to beat Aston Villa 3-1, with the current one having scored four goals and one assist. Only played for the Hammers in 6 matches in the Premier League

4. Playing without fans

Many teams may yearn for the atmosphere of the football fans to cheer for the love team in the home nest. But for West Ham it was different. Because the atmosphere of the home supporters has been something that has been uncomfortable for many years between the management and the fans. The Hammer They often protest against team executives like David Gould, David Sullivan and Darren Brady over the team’s poor performance

The Hammer has continued to show mistrust of the board and its management over the past few years. Even West Ham fan and talkSPORT journalist Ian Abraham agreed to this.

“I think it’s one of the most important factors in West Ham’s success. This season is the fact that no one is there to watch them, ”said Abraham on talkSPORT Breakfast.

“West Ham fans are one of the most devoted and fierce when it comes to supporting the team. And I truly believe West Ham has benefited this year from playing without fans on the pitch and not playing in a negative atmosphere. ”

If West Ham United were to make a miracle from relegation teams like Leicester City in the 2015/16 season, it would be almost impossible to happen. But currently ranked fifth among the top teams in the league And still compete for the European football area next season very close now It is something that exceeds the expectations of the Hammer Parties very much this season.