What happened to the Reds?

Nine points from the first three games in the opening season of the 2020-2021 Premier League season, especially two of the three games, were victories against big teams like Chelsea and Arsenal, making anyone look at the Swan. Red Liverpool will easily defend the title this year. Extending the golden age of the Red Machine for a long time

Although the fourth match of the 2020-2021 season, the Reds, was 7-2 out of Aston Villa, but that was the only league defeat from Jürgenk’s first 14 games. Lopp and his crew

But as some have said “Football League must be watched for a long time.” Along the way, there is always something unexpected happening Only the most consistent will be raised in the end.

The score 3-1 at King Power Stadium in the last Premier League match has led Liverpool to their third consecutive loss. And it is a number that reads that all of the last 12 games of Liverpool have won just three games, defeating 6 together.

Collecting 40 points from 24 appearances is the lowest number since the German boss became boss at Anfield.

The distance from the leaders of Manchester City is now 13 points, and one game more than one match, the opportunity to defend the title is almost impossible, even though Jürgen Klopp has admitted that the team is out of hope. champion Like the legendary pot, Jamie Carragher suggested that it be overlooked for next season

“The back of the house is an observable cause”
Not looking for a representative Dejan Lovren, who moved in the summer. It became a hot drama that was ignited once again when two main defenders of Liverpool , Joe Gomez and Fergil van Dyke, gradually asked for a vacation in the hospital while Joa. Lematip is already three days old. As for the youngsters like Reese Williams and Nethaniel Phillips, they still can’t be trusted.

Causing the game results received this year to come out very badly When the goal has been lost to 32 children, twice as much as the previous year !!!

Resolving the problem by retreating players in the midfield position to temporarily act It’s not bad If the final result, the state of the corpse did not come out as perforated as seen

Fabinho and Jordan Henderson are quality midfielders. Commanded to play the role of a Liverpool center-back in the necessary position. But it would be difficult with the prospect of seeing them perform their functions completely flawlessly.

There is news that Klopp has already made excuses in the January market. It has cried out to the board to approve big sums to win Senegalese defender Calidou Kulibali from Napoli, which costs at least € 70 million, but the top is against the need for the money. Enormously in the economy of the COVID Era

So the lottery came out at No Name, Ben Davis, a surprise deal from Preston North End, a team from the almost unknown champions. Along with a loan, Osan Kabak comes from Schalke 04 plus an option to buy.

In which the list of Kabak had been linked to Liverpool heavily last summer But being deflected the most brutal cost When the summer market closes “The Kop”, some people feel relieved that the deal has not been accomplished.

Ahead of the King Power Stadium away game, with no injured Fabinho in conjunction with new Ben Davis, Liverpool defender Kabak was given the chance to start as the first 11 with Henderson. Carson is Liverpool’s 13th center partner in the Premier League this season.

In the first 45 minutes, Kabak was not bad. When the statistics say Turkish national team defense line Win 100% full air and ground duels.

But the second half turned into a different movie as Leicester raised their game to the next level, scoring three goals over seven minutes, turning from Kabak’s lavish debut to a nightmare that would make him sleepless. Asleep for many more nights

Kabak’s weaknesses that have been criticized for its dignity. Began to appear more clearly Until it led to the loss of the second and third goals

However, in this game alone it is not able to determine or determine if Kabak is a failed signing or not. Only when Where he will be ready for Klopp team

At present, while many Liverpool players are starting to lose confidence. Different from the previous season They have experience as champions. But still need to learn about defending champions

At this moment, everything looks nothing at all for “Reds”, whether it’s VAR or injury, even on the day of playing well So what’s left with a bad playing day?

Until now, let’s not say, but to win the championship. Even the contention of the Top 4 area would be severe.

At the same time, Klopp’s state of mind was equally bad. It’s not just about the team’s performance. But he also recently lost his mother, which was like everything in his life. Still unable to attend the mourning ceremony From measures to prevent COVID-19 Of each country

It all pounced at the same time Klopp was still able to fight this much. Must admit that it is strong enough While the price has been adjusted for Klopp as one of the favorites to be fired from his position, I believe most “The Kop” understands the situation. And wouldn’t blame the boss Honestly, part of the mistakes came from “Some policies” of the board itself.

Do not forget that this Dogman is the one who has led the Reds to the dream land that has been awaited for 30 years, the person whom the Kop people have loved the most over the past few years.

From the back of the house Spreading to the state of mind, “The Kop” could only console each other Encourage each other To wait for the sky after the rain that returns to shine again

Let the sentence “You’ll Never Walk Alone” resonate in your heart… more than ever.